205 Bible Verses on Family

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Do you ever hold your big, paper Bible, flip through the fine tissues of its pages, and wish you knew where to find _____?

Maybe you’re studying personally. Or in search of that perfect verse to bless your expectant friend–a mom-to-be. Perhaps you want more info on a single topic such as marriage or family.

But you need info fast–like when you’re hungry for Chinese and Google “Chinese restaurants near [your] zip code.”

You need your verse to be as handy as take-out!

Searching a Bible topic by keyword is similar to Googling restaurants. One of my favorite resources for Bible study is www.biblegateway.com.

Here are five whys/hows/ways to use Bible Gateway for help, reference, study, and parenting:

1) Get God’s Perspective: When I search the Bible by keyword, I learn God’s perspective on a given topic. Then I let ’em adjust me, mentally.

2) Surf Verses While Waiting: Many a nursing-my-baby sessions were spent surfing keywords. Why not scan verses in the doctor’s office or while your oil changes?

Family-Bible-reading3) Do a Word Study: Examine a topical list of verses to grow a “whole” understanding of God’s timeless truth, perspective, and values.

Sounds great. But how do I do this?

Here’s a brief Overview: How to Do a Word Study

  1. Determine a keyword to study. (Examples: love, joy, peace, marry, wife, husband, children, enemy).
  2. Search Bible Gateway by keyword, then copy and paste entire selection of verses into a Word document (.doc).
  3. Create meaningful categories as you study the verses. It helps to ask questions and/or make categories principle-driven.
  4. Copy and paste verses into related categories within your Word .doc. Paraphrase each verse within your categorized list.
  5. Add or tweak categories as needed while you work your way through your topical list of verses.
  6. Grow more remarkable each time you apply biblical principles to your personal life!
  7. Leave a legacy of virtue through Pssst! passing-on God’s time-tested truth to your children.

4) Guide/Teach/Train your children with everlasting words. Keyword search a verse(s) to give backbone to your Mommy message.

5) Stop. Remember. Read the Verse of the Day. Pssst! Pass-it-on. Read your children one verse while they eat their breakfast. It’s that easy!

Ready to begin your word study on Bible Gateway? Why not start with the keyword “family”? To help you get started studying the Bible by keyword now, here’s a link to 205 Bible Verses on Family. Easy as Googling local Chinese!

Hit me in the comments. Let me know how your word study is progressing. Or share a verse that helped you teach your children.

Shannon Cochran


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