4 Reasons Why I Believe in Juice Plus+

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Juice Plus Brochures_correct urlsI’m a busy woman that wants to be healthy. Are you?

I want to feed my family well, but need healthful help that understands the demands of busy mommy life . . . School! Sports! Music! Activities! Church!

That’s why I like, use, and now distribute Juice Plus+. I believe in Juice Plus+ . . .

As a PRODUCT: concentrated food, scientifically backed, supported by 33 longterm studies, affordable, simple product line b/c it is simply fruits & vegetables. Juice Plus+ is a whole food, y’all. Plant based. Gluten & dairy free. 13g protein (6 g. soluble). Non GMO. Kosher.

As a COMPANY: Est. 45 years ago & counting, sold in 26 countries, original owner still runs the company, JP+ is mission driven & product focused, 90% of JP+ income is from small business entrepreneurs who actually USE the products.

As an INDUSTRY: Your heath MATTERS. There is only one Y-O-U. Your life is important. If you steward your personal health, you’ll be in your best position to serve your special sphere of influence remarkably well!

As an OPPORTUNITY: distributing JP+ is one way for a woman to feed herself and her family well. It is a beneficial and inspiring yet easy way to promote health. One simple change! For only $50, you can join the JP+ team, start a small business, and begin earning income to help support your family. Prioritize your health. Nurture yourself and your family first. Then extend the opportunties to live and grow more healthy in your workplace, community, and “world!” Ask about Juice Plus+ Healthy Living Plans.

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More About Juice Plus+ (Short Videos)

JP+ for Moms & Pregnant Moms

JP+ from a Pediatrician’s Perspective

JP+ The Next Best Thing to Fruits & Veggies

JP+ Complete Shake Mix from a Physician’s Perspective

WHY Juice Plus+ Was Created

Click here to read this inspiring story.

Juice Plus+ “To inspire healthy living around the world.”

Are you ready to make one simple change? Boost your immunity? Build a business starting with the Healthy Living Plan today?

SHOP Juice Plus+ Now.

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HLP breakdown

JP startup tips and HLP breakdown

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