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My Prayer for You

God in heaven, I pray for the woman reading Today’s Lady Virtue right now. Renew her mind and spirit with the fresh, cool breeze of Your holy whispers. Breathe life, hope, help, and healing to her, Lord. Then draw her close, hug her hurts, empower her “tries.” Holy God, help her realize . . .when You redeem her story–by Your grace, in Your strength, for Your glory–through her ever-becoming GOoD womanhood and to the people she knows in the places she goes–she will give LIFE! In Jesus’ name I pray for this precious lady, Amen.


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Which Bobber are You?

Let’s be honest. From our past, our perspectives, and our painful life experiences–we all have baggage. But too much baggage is heavy. When the baggage we carry holds leaky mindsets, it weighs down our spirits, negatively affecting our thoughts, words, and deeds, and it drowns our hope to live reMARKably.

Holding on to wrong thinking makes you feel like you’re drowning alive.

Can you relate to this feeling? Look at the details in these five scenes, which represent modern women like us. Study her baggage. It reflects our ideas about success and our daily tendencies.

Which pic(s) resonate with you? Focus on the 1-2 that make you see visions of your life.

Click on the scenes to discover more…
  • agitated-ali
  • busy-brynne
  • consumer-cathy
  • perfect-patty-copy
  • sufficient-suzy