Book Review: Louie’s Big Day

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Conquer Fears & Discover Purpose with Louie & Friends

Being familiar with Maria I. Morgan’s other works, but not having pre-read her first children’s book, I purchased Louie’s Big Day as a birthday gift for my six-year old nephew. We read it together. This brightly colored, beautifully illustrated, and creatively written story drew us in–or more accurately–OUT into the warm sunshine where Louie (the Lawnmower) conquered his fears and discovered his purpose . . . but not without a little help from his true friends. Captivated by Maria I. Morgan’s storytelling and Sherrie Molitor’s illustrating, Louie’s Big Day engaged all the senses, entertained with appropriate humor, and focused our thoughts on the importance of friendship and realizing our value, living with purpose.

Turning page after page to know more about Louie and his friends from the Hardware store (Ruthie Rake, Henri Hose, Bobbie Blower, and more), important life lessons jumped off the page. To reinforce these, Louie’s Lesson Corner at the back of the book offers six questions to help the young reader grow in character. Don’t miss Louie’s Big Day (FREE) on audio with your book purchase. Thank you, Louie, for helping us never again to look at our life purpose (or yard tools) in the same old (boring) way!

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