dotfote? Why No News Can Mean Good News

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I DOTFOTE-d (sounds like dot-FOTE-ed).

Except this time I DOTFOTE-d not for a week. Or a month. In fact, it was more 1.5 years. And the truth is, this will not be the last time I ever DOTFOTE, because God can use DOTFOTE-ing to produce much good.

What on earth is DOTFOTE?

I’m so glad you asked. DOTFOTE is an acronym I made up that describes when a person temporarily goes “dark,” AWOL, MIA—especially from the social media scene. When you seemingly disappear from your online communities, people who are familiar with you wonder,

“Where is Lola? I haven’t heard from her in a long time. Has anyone seen her?”

DOTFOTE means: Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth.

I DOTFOTE? Do you?

Perhaps some examples of times and the reasons why a person would DOTFOTE will help you better understand this concept. To frame this more accurately, think of the saying, “No news is good news.” Because when a woman DOTFOTEs, it is important for you to keep your perspective positive.

When “Lola” disappears from your news feed, assume she hasn’t died, but is absent online in order to produce real and genuine good to the people she knows in the places she goes—those she is connected to most intimately. The people she can literally touch, see, hug, and feed. Lola can’t comment on a community Facebook thread today because she is taking care of her real life family.

Five Reasons Why DOTFOTE?

  1. You’re on vacation with your hubby, family, or hosting guests in your home.
  2. You’re intently writing a book or accomplishing an important project.
  3. You or your family member is sick and needs rest or the ministry of presence.
  4. Your home-life (both people and tasks) needs organization/attention to rein in chaos and re-establish good, working order and cultivate deeper, more intimate relationships.
  5. You’re pulling off of the little picture to focus on the bigger picture that will accomplish greater good.

Do You Need to DOTFOTE?

It isn’t easy to DOTFOTE. Many voices try to pull you away from what your mind knows you need to make your primary focus at this time. Turn off your notifications. Go dark. Shift into Do Not Disturb or Distraction Free mode if necessary.

There is only one voice you need to heed. Follow in the footsteps of Mary who listened at Jesus’ feet (Luke 10:39). Imagine yourself as a bystander on the mountain with Peter, James, John, and Jesus when God the Father in Heaven’s voice pronounced while Peter was still speaking, “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” (Matthew 17:5b). Let your heart rest in this reassurance from Jesus Himself, “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27). Yes! Listen to Jesus. To Jesus above all, listen.

Today I want to give you a hug. To tell you please don’t stress, but rest.
As humans we can get into a frenzy about time. About “getting it all done”–whatever that means. But let’s be reminded from the Eternal God who was before time. The God who created time in a garden . . .

There is a time for everything—even DOTFOTE-ing. [Tweet this!]

Pray: Ask God if He is calling you to DOTFOTE.
Share: Tell a trusted friend what you sense the Lord leading you to focus intently on while you DOTFOTE.
Remember: There’s a time for everything—even DOTFOTE-ing!

You’ve committed to DOTFOTE for a period of time to:

1) Add value to the lives of people you can hug and high five,
2) Bring life-giving goodness to your sphere of influence, and
3) Show God’s love by being engaged, invested, and present.

No news can mean good news. Your notifications will be waiting for you while you go AWOL online. Trust the Lord to work in and through you. Ask Him to help you keep your perspective positive re: DOTFOTE-ing. Let perfection rest and set your focus to bless the people who see you most intimately—and possibly in your Pj’s. Seek God’s wisdom from the Bible to guide your effort and steps as you DOTFOTE. Anticipate the good God will accomplish through a focused-on-blessing-your-peeps-at-home Y-O-U!

Mind if I pray?

Dear Lord, You are the Eternal God. We are limited humans. Help us to remember Your truth. To rest in You, whose yoke is easy and burden is light. In Jesus who is gentle, humble at heart, and who has much to teach us. Give us the desire to be still before You. To let You direct our steps. Help us do the good we know it is our responsibility to do–in the power of Your Spirit and for the glory of Your holy name that we pray, Amen.

What do you think?

Do you DOTFOTE? Why? Do you need to DOTFOTE? What will you ask God to help you accomplish when you DOTFOTE? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Shannon Cochran

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