Eternally So: Poetry in Loving Memory of Charlie

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Poetry for people . . . sometimes God gives me words that express the thoughts of other people.

As in this poem, my friends and their family earthly lost their Charlie. But heaven gained a saint that left behind a legacy of lessons lived . . . Eternally So.

How fitting to post Charlie’s poem this September Saturday–the very day a good friend of mine earthly lost her Gramps. For this saint that heaven gained today also left a golden legacy for his friends and loved ones to follow.

For Charlie . . . This poem is in loving memory of Charlie Maxfield.  Although I never knew this man, it seems as if it were so after listening to my friend share the testimony of Charlie’s death.  May the memory of Charlie live on for your family as you imitate Christ Jesus in the ‘spirit of Charlie’.  We thank God for the people who have touched our lives so deeply that they continue to point us to Christ even after their physical death on earth.

Oh how we miss your smiling face.Hayes Family Dedication Sue

Yes, we remember you, man of grace.

Tho’ your presence is missed here on earth,

We are comforted by your second birth.

For in Jesus you trusted long ago;

For the forgiveness of sin, heart white as snow.

Peace we have for this we know:

You’re in heaven with Him—eternally so.

Memories fill our hearts and minds,

Flooding in emotions of all kinds.

The sound of your voice we still hear.

When picturing your face you still seem near.

On your earthly life we still reflect.

Your heart for God we still respect.

For the truth of the Gospel, firm you stood;

Seized opportunities to share Jesus, as we should.

In your passing we still recall

You desired the Gospel shared with all.

So in service to God and respect for you,

The Gospel was preached at your service too.

A legacy of faith and friendship you leave,

Godly children, grandchildren, and a wife whom you cleaved.

The blessing of God poured out on your life

Still follows your children’s children and wife.

Lessons from you we put in practice today.

For you imitated Christ and showed us The Way.

Thank you for the godly example you set.

Oh Lord, help us obey You and not to forget.

One take-home lesson we learned from you:

Prioritize the church body to connect to.

For, friends in Christ meet together;

Love and support you in any weather.

Though on earth you will never be replaced,

Your memory lives on and will not be erased.

Following in your footsteps we will go

Until we reunite in heaven—eternally so.

Special Note: The photo you see attached shows my Grandma Sue and the legacy work she accomplished for her ancestral family. Through extensive research and State-of-Texas proofs, a Historical Marker at the Hayes Family Cemetery was staked due to my grandmother’s diligent work. The genealogical commentary may be found in the Hayes Cemetery Dedication book on file at the Dallas Public Library-Genealogical Section–and the Clayton Library in Houston, Texas. What a tribute to the Hayes family that “remains today as a symbol of an early Texas pioneering family.”

Shannon Cochran

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