Family Tree with “Leaves” of Legacy

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Family-and-Legacy In preparation for an extended family reunion years ago, I reflected on the meaning of family. What makes a family? What makes a family grow? What heritage may a family pass on to future descendants? Plentiful branches on a family tree earmark God’s blessing, for life is a gift from the Lord! Yet numerous knots of imperfection and dysfunction gnarl our family in reality.  Does imperfection and dysfunction disqualify our family from leaving a positive legacy?

Explore the meaning of family with me in this poem God allowed my heart (and pen) to conceive: “Leaves” of Legacy 

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Hope remains because Jesus lives. Only in, by, and through Him can God make alive and beautiful again, what was once dead. Only in Jesus may abundant buds spring forth the promise of new life, growth, and future blessing for your family.

If you have a pulse, you have a choice how you will nourish your family. What fertilizer you apply now significantly determines the health of your family. Therefore, let us commit to God—we want to cultivate eternal “leaves” of legacy in our families for your glory.

What grows on our family tree,

Whose branches backdate their genealogy,

And roots seep deep, drink fluidly?

Why, dare I say “leaves” of legacy, I see?

Let us consider what makes life grow.

Required: sun, good soil, and water, I know.

Planted seeds—watered, pruned—they show

“Fruit” of new growth as the harvest goes.

But just as flowers bloom lovely,

Or succulent fruit ripens, plump and sweet,

Petal or seed falls down, ground to meet;

Cycle of life to naturally repeat.

Yet deep within—hope stirs, churns.

Fathers of faith and prayer cause hearts to burn.

Memorable mothers teach and we still learn.

Fruitless ways and deeds we choose to spurn.

For the Master Gardener—He tends this family.

Deep roots in eternal word ground us steadily.

Streams of Living water guide us limitlessly.

Light of the Son frees spirit to grow readily.

So, yes, I dare say “leaves of legacy” we grow.

Elders die but truth seeds sprout life to branches that follow.

Numerous we are—sign of God’s blessing, I know.

God’s blessing to His legacy-leavers, continuously so.

Shannon Cochran

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