Greatest Gift in the Strangest Package

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I purchased a bed in a box.


Yes, it came to my front doorstep as any parcel, except that it stood in a box about 4.5’x3’x3′. For months, I’d desired to upgrade our guest bed to a queen, but couldn’t afford to just yet. The former full sized mattress was only big enough for my Daddy to get comfy on, leaving either a small sliver of bed or the couch for my Little Mama.

I scrimped and saved a little bit of dinero each month. Meanwhile I researched mattresses and bed frames to land the right deal when the timing was right.

Months later, I’d saved enough money to pay for a new mattress, foundation, and headboard. I was thrilled with the deal I found for these–well under market value for just a nice mattress, no tax, free shipping, and rave reviews…

At last this much anticipated parcel arrived at my doorstep. My hunk of a hubby hauled the heavy box of bed up our stairs. We proceeded to unpack it.

  • Outer box removed. Check!
  • Half a box of Saran Wrap sealing off some whitish covering unwound. Check!

By this time, I sweated and  disclaimers such as, “Hmmm. Interesting. The reviews seemed really positive.”

Now an enormous, white sleeping bag stuff sack made out of a tarp-like material crinkled as we untied the drawstring and inverted it to unstuff its contents.

Now sweating bullets I uttered, “I hope I didn’t make a mistake.”

Silence filled the room except for the crackling of the other 1/2 box of Saran wrap that mummified the…”POP!”…QUEEN-SIZED MATTRESS, which now sprawled atop our bed frame and foundation.

I won’t keep you guessing.

This bed in a box is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. Years ago, my hubby and I camped in the guest room for 5 weeks while our master bath got a makeover.

“Oh, little one, you’re coughing tonight? Hmmm…let’s sleep upright in the guest bed…”

My parents sleep soundly at our home now (thanks to the bed in a box).

In fact, I’ve even considered to make a mattress swap.

Although this strange packaging defied my mattress logic, the hope, love, peace, comfort, and joy of a good night’s sleep rests securely on my bed in a box.

I share this story with you today, because in 48 hours we will commemorate the eagerly anticipated arrival of a most unusual package. As my third son phrased it when he was 3-years old, “Mommy, why is Baby Jesus in hay?” The birth of Jesus, the SAVIOR of my soul, much like my bed in a box, came in the strangest package.

  • Enveloped in a virgin womb overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. Check!
  • No crib for a bed. Check!
  • Tightly wrapped in swaddling clothes. Check!
  • A child destined to die for our sin, so we can be raised to new life in Him. Check!

Strange but true–heaven’s precious parcel brought ALL hope, ALL love, ALL peace, ALL comfort, and ALL joy to ALL people. In that tiny, promised bundle, whoever believes in Jesus’ name will secure RIGHT NOW an eternal rest for their souls. This package, this gift in baby Jesus defies logic. It requires faith. It secures eternal rest for your soul.

And with whom was he angry for forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose bodies perished in the wilderness? And to whom did God swear that they would never enter his rest if not to those who disobeyed? So we see that they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief. Hebrews 3:17-19

Have you entered His rest? Trust in heaven’s precious parcel today. ALL hope, love, peace, comfort, and joy is found IN HIM–Jesus–the greatest gift in the strangest package.

Shannon Cochran

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