When it Rains He Reigns

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Practical-HelpLightning flashes.

Thunder roars.

Rain pounds your rooftop and windows.

Frantic children cry, “Mommy, Mooommmy!” and cling to your knees.

Do your kids ever get scared when it storms and rains? Mine do.

In the 5-minute audio clip below, I share one of the Mama Strategies I use to calm my crying-in-the-storm kids.

Click on the icon or paste the following link in your browser to listen: http://wwMP3 imagew.evernote.com/l/ANS4QXlGXOpDqbYByyyvN6k5YV02LAgGqTk/

Find Job 38-42, the Bible passage I referenced in the clip, here.

Maybe it will help you and yours, too?



Shannon Cochran

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