How the Definition of Blog Led Me to These Writing Favs

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Writing-Favorites“What’s a blog?”

In 2008, my good friend in-serviced me thoroughly yet gently. Not poking fun or suggesting that I live in the Dark Ages although the E-calendar tells me this is the 21st century, she defined blog. Bless her dear heart, after our discussion she even encouraged me to start writing my own blog . . .

Later that evening, my friend sent me a list of 10+ blogs that she reads, complete with links and a description of the purpose of each. And this story would be incomplete without the mention of her additional insight how to keep them organized–“Google Google Reader,” she finished.

So the story goes, in 2008 I started to blog. Only my mom and hubby knew. I posted occasionally–and private publicly.

Then in 2010, God nudged me to step-it-up. In summary, I call 2010 like this: The Year God Kicked Me Outta My Comfy Seat. My father-in-law expressed, “My life is my book” and that touched me. Moved me. God compelled me to share my blog publicly in 2010.

So I did.

Later that year God parted a Red Sea of obstacles and let me attend She Speaks. I signed a contract to have a custom website built. An author and publisher read my manuscript. Although she pointed out that I had not entirely found my writing voice and my manuscript was valid “but in the wrong package,” my hubby and I agreed that we would “go pro.” We’d invest and take steps to pursue with great vision–God’s gift in me: writing.

All of that to say, I’m on a writing journey for sure. And I’ve met so many special people along the way. Here are some of the writers/authors/bloggers that I truly do enjoy to read, learn, grow, and glean from as I do what writers do . . . keep on reading and writing. Enjoy!

Renee Baude Joyful Mom . . . in everything give thanks

Mary DeMuth Your life uncaged

Shelley DuPont Away with Words—Insignificant snippets in a larger story – Jeff Goins

Holley Gerth Dream God-sized Dreams

Julie K. Gillies Helping women believe, pray, and dream {More}

Joyce Glass The Daily GPS: Grow Pray Serve

Jeff Goins Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference

Pamela Hodges ipaintiwrite.com to encourage and bring laughter to your attitude

Jana’s Three Dresses Bear one another’s burdens

Karin Madden Sunrise with a six pack . . . the journal . . . the journey

Anastacia Maness Trusting God to help us build a Rock Solid Family . . . one pebble at a time.

Chris Morris Strategies and Encouragement for the Climb

Anne Peterson Words to give you hope

James Prescott Discover divine hope, even in the messiness of everyday life

Robert D. Smith Master the Brand of You

Christa Sterken Life . . . one word at a time

Lysa TerKeurst Leading women in the adventure of faith

Ann Voskamp A Holy Experience

Brianna R Wasson And then some more . . . finding the more in Jesus

Marybeth Whalen Wife, Mom, Novelist, and a lot of other things

Shannon Cochran

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