In Poem: What is Christmas?

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What is Christmas?

What is Christmas, do you know?

Is it boxes, ribbons, and mistletoe?

Perhaps it’s children with eyes all aglow?

No, the answer was proclaimed long, long ago…


The story of Christmas is one of LOVE.

It’s the essence of the Father’s heart–God above.

One holy night, as prophets had long told of,

The favored virgin woman, Mary, gave birth to LOVE.


Son of God, called Christ the Lord;

Seed of Abraham, per Holy Word,

Isaac, Jacob, Tribe of Judah, too,

Family line of Jesse He was born through.


In David’s House, God’s promise fulfilled;

King born in Bethlehem, as God willed.

Angels heralded, “Glory! Peace to men!”

Shepherds visited babe, left proclaiming Him.


Later gifts from East were brought by kings.

Worshipers of baby king, of whom angels did sing.

God’s own Son—Gift of Love—God at Christmas gave;

Immanuel, God with us, came down–our souls to save.

Shannon Cochran

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