tlv-headshot_300x300“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

Shannon Cochran is a Jesus-following Wife, Mom, Writer, and Life-giver. She makes her home in Austin, TX where she enjoys homeschooling, healthy cooking, memory making, family building, and adventure seeking with her husband and 5 children. Shannon’s lifelong pursuit is to ever-become a reMARKable woman in God’s eyes, this 21st century. She believes in the power of GOoD womanhood to 3B Build Bless Benefit people in a sphere of influence.

Her passion burns to help women “Reclaim Virtuous Womanhood the Time Tested Way!”

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Meet My Family

In many ways, my life began when I married my husband on August 15, 1998. That was also the summer that God changed my life. My first baby was on the way and almost thirteen years later, our quiver was complete. It’s a joy, challenge, and honor to be a Wife, Mom, Writer, and Life-giver to the Lee Cochrans . . .

Meet six of the most special people God has entrusted to me to love on, grow with, learn from, help, serve, and influence–my family.

Matt, my beloved husband, best friend, and guilty party who introduced me to gourmet coffee: likes to connect with God outdoors—unplugged. One of his favorite hobbies: “backpacking with his girl.” That would be me, the wife who thinks these things about her husband–He’s not perfect and he’s not God, but Matt is my incredible husband, the amazing father of our 5 children, a gifted investor, a natural leader, and my “green light” who encourages me to GO for it and write. He makes me wanna be a better woman! 

In summer 2016, we celebrated 18 years of marriage and thank God for the gift of each other. Life with an active nest has many demands, but Matt and I love to create new ways to keep our relationship fresh, interesting, and exciting. We’re passionate about working together as a unified TEAM to lead, guide, coach, teach, feed, make memories, and cheer for the fightin’ Texas Aggies–WHOOP!–with our growing-up family. 

Matthew Jr. (18), “Gift of God” is our loudest oldest son. True to the meaning of his name, Matthew is a gift from God and God has gifted him so! That’s probably why we’ve faced so many challenges in the growing-up P R O C E S S—not to mention that the firstborn is his parents’ first experiment with training up a boy, to a man, until he can fly. Matthew is growing more responsible, disciplined, and trustworthy every day. His parents appreciate that he’s mature enough to take jokes about teens and their “underdeveloped brains.” Matthew is passionate, gracious, loving, generous, and fun to be around (most of the time). He’s visionary, a natural leader, gifted with kids, servant-hearted, and a family man. He enjoys playing tackle football for the Wilco Falcons where he leads his team as one of the captains and thrives on giving 100% on the field. Matthew will graduate in May 2018.


David (15), “Beloved of God” is our second-born son. He adores his younger siblings, family, and cousins. David is a loyal son, brother, and friend. He’s growing in God-confidence and reprogramming his mind to store Christ-like attitudes. David is tenderhearted, able-bodied, an eager learner, a problem-solver, and God-gifted with creativity. He likes to play airsoft, draw, make videos, and listen to music. David is passionate about and dedicated to working out, and he likes playing tackle football for the Wilco Falcons.


Samuel (9), “Because I asked the Lord for him,” is our third-born son. An innate leader and strong-willed young man, Samuel is learning to channel his stubbornness into conviction. Samuel bursts with personality, tells stories masterfully, and melts the hearts of people he touches. He loves Jesus, reading the Bible, and prayer. He loves animals, exploring the great outdoors, and hanging out with his siblings, cousins, and friends. Samuel is a natural athlete who especially loves to play soccer and football.


Rachel (8), “Ewe,” is our only daughter. God knew our home needed a mix-up, so He mixed in some estrogen and extra emotions into our “Boys Club.” Rachel is learning the fruit of the Spirit—mostly camping on self-control—and is growing more trustworthy. She’s a kinesthetic learner—a curious explorer full of wonder and intrigue—who learns by doing. She’s athletic, outdoorsy, and her brothers call her “brave.” Rachel is also compassionate, competitive, and a caring friend. She loves to pray for people, help her mama cook, score soccer goals for Daddy, and to play with her brothers and cousins. Her latest love is creating trays of food to serve her family, setting the table all “fancy” for a family sit-down dinner, and making a special party to celebrate someone. We’re thankful for our one little lady.


Jonathan (6), “Gift of God,” is the fifth-born and youngest brother of the Lee Cochran clan. Don’t underestimate the “baby” of the family! This guy, with a sparkle in his eye, a laugh so hearty it’ll make you chuckle with him, and thoughts so deep they’ll keep you Google-ing—he delights his family and loves each one of us deeply. He loves to read, learn, laugh, and play. You name it—drawing, Legos, animals, soccer, scooters and bikes—this young man is IN, and runs with his siblings as if he were their age. Jonathan is easy-going, talkative, thoughtful, curious, and wise. It’s hard. It carries a lot of W A I T. But slowly and surely, Jonathan is growing in this challenging area: the fruit of the Spirit is patience.


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