Morning Light for When Motherhood Knocks You to Your Needs

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It’s true I wear more hats than I have degrees. Do you?

But among my roles and titles–nothing challenges me more than Mommy.

The hand towel my sister-in-law gave me says it well, “Motherhood–the toughest job you’ll ever love.”

Let me add this adjective: humbling.238x238_motherhood_toughest job

Motherhood–the toughest, most humbling role I’ll ever play.

The one that swats and swings at me.

What drops me to my knees in tears to cast my fears and cares.

The role, the title that keeps me most dependent on God: Mommy.

Are you a Mommy? Do you agree?

Motherhood means doing battle.

Being more stubborn than folly-bound kids.

Fighting harder than them. Not as a boxer or in wrestling ring. But on my knees. On my face crying.

Repeating verses of truth back to God.

Clinging to His promises and truth.

Holding onto scripture when everything I experience with my child in this tense moment whirls me, hurls me down, and fights desperately to knock me out.

Mamas, what battles are you presently fighting for your babies?

Battle: What I Warred for This Weekend.

On the war front  . . .

Retraining after a long trip. “No, you may not sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Lay down in your bed.”

Reminding my girl of God’s blessed way. “Children, listen to your parents and obey, for this is right.”

Realizing (in hindsight) that some battles are spiritual–in this weekend’s match contended a soul fight.

Mamas, can you perceive when you’re fighting folly or forces from the spiritual realm?

Our War Made Sense in the Morning light.

Blue eyes bright, beaming. Her rosy cheeks, flushed and blonde curls bounced as she greeted me. She sat up on the dog’s bed. “I thought about your question and I talk to Jesus when I was in my bed.”

“Really? Do you have anything you want to tell me?” I wondered if today would mark the hopeful end of this battle.

“I want a clean heart.” She wore sunshine on her face. Her steps, eager, and small hand fit inside mine as we walked toward my bedroom to tell Daddy.

There, sitting on my bed, my baby girl answered Daddy’s questions and prayed, “Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sin. Yes, I want Him to live in my heart. To be my boss. I want Him to help me. I want to go to heaven. Amen.”

Amen! January 13, 2013: Rachel Lee Cochran’s Birthday into God’s eternal family. Parents and Angels Rejoiced. My family served and learned at church. I thanked God for leftovers.

And if you judge this battle by the size of my three-hour, coma nap, (technically) I was knocked out.

Cling tight, Mamas. Fight for your babies on your knees. Hold onto truth–till what you’ve believed God for–breaks through the morning light.

Dear Holy Father, You truly meet us in our weak, desperate pleas for our children. Help us to cling, to depend on You. We NEED You, Lord. Hear us from heaven. Answer our prayers as we fight for our children. Protect them, Lord, from the evil one. We proclaim, God, You are great. We can overcome taunts from what’s evil, because You who live in us are greater than the one who is in the world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Shannon Cochran


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