Nana Reminisces on Small Town Pastimes

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Old-Timey-StoriesGrowing up in a small town like I did, one of our pastimes was to (if we could borrow our parents’ car) drive to Main Street . . . park . . . and watch and visit with people coming by. This was our “Hang Out” as we had no drive-ins or pizza places to meet.

If we could park close enough in front of the local drug store, we could order and the carhop would bring a tray that hooked on to the car window like they do today at drive-ins.

Besides car hops they were called soda jerks . . . My very first job was being one of them. I was about 14 and loved it.  

An afterthought I had later was that the poor druggist profit probably was down with me working there. When my boyfriends or special friends came in I gave them extra ice cream in their sodas and milkshakes!

I bought a book called “Personality Unlimited” with my very first pay check and still to this day love to read it. Today it would be called Alternative Natural Beauty Aids from our Kitchen and Pantry. Things like honey, oatmeal, milk and yes, even eggs to put on your hair! My, my how times have changed.

Actually, the first money I ever made was a whole dime after picking cotton all day with my parents …not a job I wanted to do anymore.

Thanks for sharing your stories, Nana.


Shannon Cochran

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