All Creation Praise

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Hear God’s creation sing praise to Him during “roll” call  in the early morning: All-Creation-Praise.

Creator Lord, at the gift of each new day You grant me, my heart arouses to melodious singing. I hear the unique song of each bird as, lovingly, You call “roll.” You ensure that not one of your own is lost outside of Protection’s keep. If my lips do not praise God, the birds–even the rocks–exalt You!

Sweet songs of nature call my name

Wash with Word, be not the same.

Hear every melody of birds’ song sing,

“Holy! Almighty! [1]Is Christ the King!”

All creation [2] declares God praise;

Glory! To the Ancient of Days! [3]

Exalt Him who our names He knows[4];

Alpha! Omega![5] before us goes [6].

Blessed for in the morning rise;

To hear roll call and see blue skies.

Love thy morning stillness so,

Before days work, by grace, I grow.

Worthy! [7] Holy! Is Christ the King.

From grateful heart give offering. [8]

Accept from me sacrifice of praise, [9]

And acts of worship [10] all my days.

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Shannon Cochran


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