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“She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar” (Proverbs 31:14).

As many grocery-store passersby could attest, my shopping cart runneth over and filleth every nook and cranny in my car.

Shannon Cochran, Family Chef—yep, for most meals, the onus is on me. It’s a large part of my current job description to be the meal maker of my family. I have the freedom of choice to be grateful for or grumpy about this responsibility, and since I’d rather smile than whine, I’ve decided to view meal making for my family as a form of art. As Neil Gaiman addressed, “Make good art.” Thus I’ve resolved to ask God to help me have a good attitude when I meal prep and have made this my cooking mantra, “My food is my art.”

Art is meant to be captured. So often I capture the meals I prepare in pixels. My family has learned to wait for me to photograph the food before we pray and partake of it. I tell them, “One day I may make a cookbook.” Truly, through this positive perspective about meal making, God enables me to bless my people through prepping food.

Check-out, try, and share ‘What’s Cookin’ at my house with the people you invite to yours.

Bon Appétit!
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