Sunset Marriages: Whose Marriage Inspires You?

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PerspectiveLayers of lavender, pink, and blue embraced the citrus sky as I watched them drive down Wood Drive at sunset. He drove their tan, convertible Mazda Miata, leaning his shoulders slightly to his right side. As if magnetized, she leaned left—her shoulder pressed toward her husband driving.

I watched this couple’s body language through the window pane on the passenger-side of my mom’s baby blue Honda Accord. The way the woman’s wide-brimmed hat tilted with her lean toward her husband, but didn’t hit him in the face. If I were to meet that man and his wife, I’m sure their faces would’ve been wrinkled and hair turned gray.

I witnessed that West Texas scene when I was probably 15. I thought, When I’m old enough to marry, I want

my marriage to go the distance. Ever since that day I’ve clung to my dream to drive off into the sunset alongside my husband ’til the day he or I die.

Marriage has long intrigued me.

I remember watching my own parents and my friends’ parents be married. Sometimes I looked at marriage relationships in movies or on the cover of magazines. I noticed that Amanda and Kim’s parents still flirted. They talked to each other—still seemed to be in love.

Although I was a young girl, I mentally flagged those memories. I want my marriage to be fun when I grow up.

I’m grown-up now. Celebrated my 19th anniversary the summer of 2017.

Guess what? Sunset-marriage

I still watch marriages.

I’m not inspired by what I see in most movies or on the cover of magazines. But I am inspired by the timeless truths, trustworthy models, and indefinite inspiration I find in the Bible. God’s timeless word contains purpose, perspective, and practical help for cultivating sunset marriages.

When I look around, I long to see marriages that are truly inspiring. Couples committed to living out God’s love and truth in their marriage ‘til their last sunset together.

I want my marriage to be a marriage that inspires my children and anyone watching my husband and me be married. I want us to “go the distance” together, following God  into our final sunset.

What about you? Whose marriage inspires you? Do you want your marriage to “go the distance?”

Lord, You love oneness in marriage. A home is built on unity. Will You please work in our hearts, in our marriages to unite and reunite us as wives to our husbands? We want our marriages to please You. We long for our married love–with Your inspiration, love, and strength–to go the distance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Shannon Cochran


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