Talkee with Shannon

If time would permit us to take time for Talkee (have a Heart2Heart talk over coffee). If we could sit for a bit, listen and share our lives ‘n stories—one another to truly get to KNOW. If so, I’d pour out my heart on topics I’m passionate about. <Read ’em below.>

My perspective is born out of two things:

  • God’s Wisdom—time-tested words that give life, and
  • Personal Experience—life lessons extracted from experiences—personal, painful, and from listening to people wiser than me.

The result? When you marry timeless wisdom with trustworthy advice and ask for God’s help through prayer you get:

  • Practical help to confidently guide, and
  • God’s power to divinely live your “NOW” as a reMARKable woman.

You’ll be en route to becoming Today’s Lady Virtue. You’ll be on track to leave a footprint on your family history with your positively praiseworthy womanhood. You’ll be primed and ready to partner with God if you open up your heart, mind, and will to Him. Trusting God’s good plan and relying on His power to give you strength, He will infuse your life, your story, and your womanhood with everything you need to 3B Build Bless Benefit real people in your sphere of influence for His goodness ‘n glory.

My Speaker One Sheet


But here’s my reality: I’m in the throes of a busy-mom season of life . . .

Maybe someday we’ll circle up to talk about the following topics–my favorite way—sipping a warm-something.


She’s ReMARKable: I Want Her Life!
Your life, A three-part story: Learn to Mark Your World marvelously thru your reclaimed “virtuous” life.
Spiritual Backbone: Proverbs 31:10-31, Expository teaching from Gen. to Rev.
Initiative: Identity, Restoration, Growth, Relationships, Community, Generations/Legacy


Dire Disconnects: Reconnect “Shorts” in your Womanhood
Help for Healing “Shorts” between Your Head and Heart
Spiritual Backbone: 1 John 1:5-10
Initiative: Identity, Restoration, Growth


Post-it Note or Posted: Note Parenting
Arm Your Parenting Arsenal From Weaning to True Wisdom
Spiritual Backbone: James 1:5; Proverbs 9:10, 1:7, 3, 22:6
Initiative: Motherhood, Identity, Growth, Wisdom, Children


The ABC’s of a FruitFULL and FruitLESS Marriage
Living Hope and Practical Help for 21st Century Marriages
Spiritual Backbone: Eph. 6 Matthew 19:26
Initiative: Marriage, Restoration, Wisdom, Growth


Dare to be a Daniel
Shatter Satan’s Stronghold on the Kid’s Menu
Spiritual Backbone: Daniel 1
Initiative: Identity, Growth, Discipline, Children


Puppy Parables: Life Lessons Learned From My Dog
From Walking the D O G to Walking with G O D
Spiritual Backbone: A topical study based on related Bible passages
Initiative: Identity, Growth


Generation Remarriage: Rebuild the Bridge of Blessing for Generations
Interdependence: Remarry Old Wisdom with Young Strength to Carry-on Blessings
Spiritual Backbone: Psalm 78
Initiative: Wisdom, Influence, Growth, Community, Relationships, Generations/Legacy


Are You Teachable?: God, Grant me a Willing Spirit
Ride your Raft of Willingness Wherever God May Lead
Spiritual Backbone: A topical study based on King David’s Prayer in Psalm 51
Initiative: Identity, Growth


Oh, the Power of a Mother: A Mother You Can Be
Tour God’s View of Motherhood: Infuse Life into Your Spheres of Influence
Spiritual Backbone: A topical study based on Gen. 4:1, Jn. 19:26b-27, Titus 2, Lk 8:21, etc.
Initiative: Identity, Growth