Thankful Thoughts for God-Knit Children

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For your knitting, Lord,

Wide eyes that sparkle, bright.

For edible cheeks and double chins,

Baby bassinet cat naps,

And for haircuts with Barber Mom.

Lord, they look so handsome!

But more so, I heard their hearts.

Did you hear them, too, Lord?

Honor from the eldest.

“I thought you wanted my hair combed all nice.?!?”

Smile. Sorta spiky is OK if you “fix” it.

Not outta bed, just woke up spiky–laugh.

Big brown eyes, lashes thick.

“I be brave, Mommy.”

And he was. Courage!

Daddy rescues tonight.

A little princess with soapy eyes.

He clothes her and gives her rest.

Father, He reminds me of you!

Valued. Protected. I see JOY, see Peace.

Beautiful, bouffant blonde hair.

Hearken back memory to baby curls, soft.

He makes me laugh more.

“Look at my goatee, Mommy!”

Karo syrup, my sticky friend!

Photo shoot snapped. God-confidence.

Smile. Laugh. Live.

Thank you, Lord, for knitting–

People and memories,

For archives and annals.

And for fringes to scratch down.

Shannon Cochran

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