TLV’s Top 10 Favorite Writing Resources

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An alphabetized list of my top 10 favorite writing resources . . . 

Bible Study Tools Online – This resource helps me study the Bible on a deeper level than just reading. I can view my selected passage in parallel with a different translation or change to an interlinear view, which allows me to study specific words in the original Hebrew or Greek. Browsing encyclopedias, dictionaries, commentaries and more is also made available through this resource.

Biblegateway – I use Biblegateway regularly to lookup verses, passages, or to study the Bible by keyword. Changing translations is at-the-push-of-a-button easy. I also enjoy reading the verse of the day. Often I browse Biblegateway on my iPhone when I’m waiting for an appointment and when I nursed my babies.

Copyblogger – Tools and training for smarter content marketing. Always beneficial content here to become a more efficient and effective writer that remembers to add value to lives, address felt needs, and reach the people that make up a marketplace.

Goinswriter – Excellent list of writing resources. Jeff is also the creator of Tribewriters (see below). Every time I read a blog post, newsletter, book, or work through a Tribewriter lesson by Jeff . . . I learn something. It’s nice to know a growing person who help others also to learn, change, and improve!

Miniscule Moments – Fellow Tribe Writer and Aussie lady, Kath Unsworth, has become my friend through Cyberspace. Kath is writing and illustrating a children’s book. She writes fiction and knows how to see life—the beauty of its miniscule moments of inspiration. When I listen to Kath’s descriptions, I learn how to see with fresh eyes.

Positive Writer – Get inspired, encouraged, and motivated by Bryan Hutchinson on the Positive Writer. Writing contests, practical help and ideas for writing, and the smile and nudge you need to keep writing.

TheRobertD – I “met” Robert in an e-mail I received after subscribing to his blog to receive his free Ebook, Battle-Tested Branding. Now I’ve read his book 20,000 Days and Counting and don’t miss reading his weekly blog posts. Robert continues to offer valuable content that helps, encourages, and guides writers/authors how to master their brand. He’s a thinker and leader—I find that inspiring.

The Write Practice – People we revere as experts in anything from basketball to business to art practiced. Why not practice writing for 15 minutes every day, six days a week and become great?

Tribewriters – Hone your voice, establish a platform, build an audience, and grow—not only in the craft of writing—but in community with fellow writers. Highly recommended 8-week course with timeless lessons, intriguing interviews, practical homework, opportunities to connect with writers for encouragement and accountability. No pressure—lifetime membership—work at your own pace.

Shannon-and-Cec-MurpheyWriter to Writer – Cec Murphey’s Writer to Writer blog is the very first writing resource I ever used in this craft. When I just began writing publicly, God touched me one day through Cec Murphey, who answered a question I had e-mailed him, personally. Then I met Cec a few months later at She Speaks 2010. Writer to Writer is an excellent resource for grammar help with clear examples how-to or how-not-to use words and their parts of speech. Cec wears a gray hair and shares writing lessons he’s learned over a lifetime of writing. He may be an old curmudgeon, but he’s sage in the craft of writing!

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