To Bring Him Good

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How many ways can I bring him good—

To help not harm him as I should?

How many ways can I show him respect—

To build him up, not destroy or reject?

As the head of the home, he surely is strong;

Becomes all the stronger when he’s “righted” not wronged.

But though he’s strong, still fragile is he,

Discouraged he becomes when not uplifted by me.

I’m his partner, his friend, his lover, and soul mate.

To bring him good, I should never hesitate.

So weighty is the role of leading a family.

Each decision affects others—even eternally!

Blessed is the righteous man who fears the Lord

And takes great delight in the commands in His word.

The upright children of this man will be blessed;

Called mighty in the land when put to the test.

His righteousness will forever endure.

The good that I bring him helps keep his heart pure.

How many ways can I bring him good—

To help not harm him as I should?

More gracious he becomes when grace he is shown.

As gracious and merciful, Lord, let me be known.

More compassionate he becomes when compassion he receives

From his wife who considers all of his needs.

Lord, teach me to humbly edify,

Respect and love him all my life.

May endless love for my husband I ne’er cease to show

And my perpetual goodness cause him, in Your character, to grow.

Shannon Cochran


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