Why Today’s Lady Virtue?

Leaky mindsets ‘n messages collide with women, confusing us and threatening to drown us alive. We have a lub dub heartbeat, but how many ladies feel genuinely fulfilled or live fully alive? Why don’t we own our more-than-rubies value? Why don’t we know our purpose or that our lives make a positive difference that 3B’s Builds Blesses Benefits our unique spheres of influence? WHY?

Women are exhausted trying to DO “it all.” CONSUME “it all.” To always PERFORM perfectly. Do you agree? Wouldn’t it relieve you not to MANAGE EVERYTHING in your limited human might ‘n strength? Aren’t you tired of treading the waters of confused, modern womanhood?

Sweet lady, those mindsets have holes. They’ll sink your hope. But you don’t have to tread anymore.

I’m listening for the why . . .

TLV can teach you the leak-proof mindset & time-tested model of virtuous womanhood. These will help you ever-blossom ‘n ever-bless people in your sphere of influence. Any woman lub dub beating can ever-become reMARKable ’til she dies.

That’s intriguing . . .

Why drown alive when you can become a reMARKable woman?

Good point.

Have you heard about the recall?

What recall?

RECALL: the Leaky thinking of modern womanhood.

God has grander plans for women than what we’re experiencing today. Today’s Lady Virtue (TLV) is the beginning of a 21st Century women’s movement to say: We are NOT satisfied or fulfilled by modern womanhood. We’re exhausted, drowning alive, and unfilled by . . .

Modern Womanhood – trendy, faddishWhat’s HOT, What’s NOTmessages that aren’t sustainable, confuse women, sink future hope, and redefine God’s life-giving gift to mankind since the beginning: woman.

The results?

  • Lifeless women.
  • Impotent men.
  • Unseen children.
  • Chaos, confusion, depression, dysfunction, lack of purpose ‘n peace.
  • If onlys, what ifs, big regrets: crumbled relationships, purposeless living, missed opportunities.
  • God-potential wasted on mediocrity.

The results of modern womanhood are rotten.

I see why they need to be recalled.

Do you?

But now in high demand . . . NOW SEEKING Virtuous Voyagers:

  • Women WILLING to become reMARKable.
  • Women who know (and own) their value to their “world.”
  • Women who believe (and live like) their lives have purpose.
  • Women who let God focus their Think!Say!Do!
  • Women who use their God-gifts to bring good.
  • Women who 3B Build Better Benefit their sphere of influence!

Spread the word!

Sounds good, but I don’t do all those good things.

Exactly! That’s why you need to sign-on to this journey where you’ll find the trustworthy resources you need and a community of like-minded women to grow with you in this lifelong pursuit to ever-become a reMARKable woman.

How do I do that?

Join the Voyage to Virtuous Womanhood. This growth opportunity has ripple-effect potential!

That’s inspiring, but . . .

You don’t have to commit now. Let me show you the results of Virtuous Womanhood.

Virtuous Womanhood – embraces a leak-proof philosophy & follows a time-tested model of womanhood. Its four clear roles & noble values promote personal growth that’ll 3B Build Bless Benefit a sphere of influence.

The results?

  • Life-giving women.
  • Faithful men.
  • Vibrant children.
  • Order, clarity, direction, community, purpose ‘n peace.
  • Reconstructed relationships, healed homes, purposeful service ‘n profitable work.
  • Future hope harvested today through a life-giving woman’s God-gifts and God-focused Think!Say!Do!

The real model of virtuous womanhood equips women to be Life-givers that 3B Bless Better Benefit their special spheres in the world.

I have embraced the real model of virtuous womanhood and 3B my special sphere of influence.

Have you?

Release Your Leaky Mindsets and Embrace Virtuous Womanhood Today 

After you read the results of Modern V. Virtuous womanhood, which one inspired you?

Well, I’ll admit the modern ones were depressing.

That’s because most of the mindsets that bombard women through messages today are leaky.

So what does that mean for me?

Leaky thinking will sink your hope for ever-becoming reMARKable. Let go of hole-ly mindsets.

Tell me one more time why I want to do this?

Limitless benefits await when you let go of leaky thinking. Cling to leak-proof womanhood & you’ll:

“Reclaim your hope for virtuous womanhood the time-tested way!”

Let me break this concept down for you.

Okay, thanks.

Reclaim your hope—Get back, recover—rescue your virtuous hope that leaky messages rob from you.

Virtuousgood, noble, honorable, respectable, worthy!

WomanhoodGod’s precious, more-than-rubies masterpieceGod-fashioned women to give life!

Time-tested Way—“If it’s new, it’s not true. If it’s true, it’s not new.” Effective. Proven. Reliable.

The results?

  • Your virtuous hope will be rescued when you let go of leaky mindsets re: good womanhood.
  • You’ll grow more beautiful, influential, and reMARKableimproving with timeuntil you die.
  • You’ll learn the key how-to positively influence people through your Think!Say!Do!
  • You’ll understand the four essential roles that’ll help you prioritize and 3B your special sphere.
  • You’ll uncover your unique God-gifts and pursue your God-knit purpose To Do every day.
  • God will equip you to be a Life-giver to the people you know in the places you go!

I believe in the power of GOoD, reMARKable womanhood.

Do you?

Becoming a reMARKable woman is a lifelong journey of following God as your Life Captain. You cannot do it in your own strength. You must cling to Jesus who is the anchor for your hope and your ever-present help now unto eternity.

I’m bon voyaging with God on the Voyage to Virtuous Womanhood and ever-becoming reMARKable.

Are you?

No penalty. No restrictions. No expiration. Transformable. Transferable.

(Read: Can’t lose. Christ-qualified. Lasts forever. Life-changing. Contagious).

Your special sphere of influence awaits.

Don’t miss your opportunity to kiss your world with your ever-blossoming more reMARKable life.

Why wait?

“Reclaim your virtuous womanhood the time-tested way!”

Yes! Sign me up. I want to ever-become a reMARKable woman. 

Voyage to Virtuous Womanhood (VTVW): Subscribe NOW!

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3).

This journey is better shared. Pssst . . . pass-it-on to a gal in your world.

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