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“She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes” (Proverbs 31:24).

Here I offer women practical products to purchase for personal use, to give as gifts, or both. When I create my books, poetry, and other offerings–I imagine you, a woman willing to bon voyage with God, wherever He goes. I see your heart’s desire to lead a life that leaves a legacy. And I realize you’re probably pressed for both time and money.

But often there’s a gap between wanting to follow God, and doing so in reality.

That’s where my products fit in.

I commit these three things to God and you. Whatever product I make available for sale will:

  1. Cause ya to look inward–“Know Yourself That You May Know God” (Scazzero)
  2. Point you upward–turn your gaze toward God in Heaven.
  3. Equip you to move forward–help you grow ‘n ever-blossom–if you dare take your next step.

Did you know that your purchases from TLV help many women?

It may not be super exciting, but the personal income I make from TLV Gift Shop sales helps me buy groceries for my family. But did you know that when you buy something from TLV you also help other people in need? Since I gift 10% of all purchases to Partners International, together we can give global hope to women and children in the hard places of the world.

See TLV’s Terms & Conditions.

Fashioned for Him
Fashioned for Him is a Shannon Lee Cochran original piece. This timeless prayer reflects God’s deep purpose and great plans for even the tiniest person–boy or girl. This item includes an 8×10″ poem printed on white card stock (frame not included). Choose from 3 options shown on Product Page... (L to R): (A) Text only, (B) Text w/ feeties, or (C) Text w/ customizable space.
Price: $9.99

I Need God | Digital Book
Daily Devotionals for a Mom's Heart. This is a compilation done by Joyce Glass. DIGITAL VERSION Paperback version coming Mid 2016
Price: $1.99

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