Virtuous Voyage with Shannon Cochran

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TLV Opportunities: Your reMARKable gifts are needed on the Voyage to Virtuous Womanhood.

My gifts?

Absolutely, yes! What role(s) suit you?

What are my options?

As for now . . .

Here are 5 ways to participate in TLV’s Virtuous Voyage:

Voyage to Virtuous Womanhood (VTVW) Insiders: Journey on the inside with Shannon Cochran. Virtuous Voyagers, my newsletter community, are women who have signed-on the VTVW to ever-blossom ‘n ever-bless their special sphere of influence until they die. Together, we’re bon voyaging with God, our Life Captain, to ever-become remarkable women this 21st century.

*TLV Galley Gals: What’s cookin’ in TLV’s galley? Galley Gals stay in-the-know with first-alert updates. They work behind-the-scenes to review content. Galley Gals help expand the vision and reach of TLV’s content creation and marketing.

*TLV Prayers ‘n Cares Gang: These ladies pray for God to inspire the words and work of TLV to help women reclaim their hope for virtue. They care for women in our community, using their God-gifts ‘n creativity.

Virtuous Voyagers Closed Facebook Crew: Want to connect with other Virtuous Voyagers–like-minded women also aboard the Virtuous Voyage, pursuing to live reMARKably just like you? Request to join this caring community of women only.

TLV Pssst Pounders: Like the brass pounders who transmitted messages by radio on 20th century ships, you ladies pssst transmit TLV’s messages by post, by tweet, by PIN, and by whatever social media stream(s) you use.

*Contact me if you’re interested in learning more about Galley Gals and/or becoming a vital part of TLV’s Prayers ‘n Cares Gang.