Are You An Aspiring Woman of Value?

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Level your value PIN_238x238Guest post for Joyce Glass

The Enemy’s Taunts [read this in a smooth, slithery voice]

“Who would release a book without her platform LIVE? You published your website link to your readers? Really? Your Facebook page has been silent for a year. OK. OK. So you sent out a few 140 character tweets. What kind of author are you? If you can call yourself that . . . .”

My Response to The Enemy

“While it would be easy for me to stop writing for the reasons you hissed, actually, I’ve been busy living my book. I know this approach isn’t perfect. It’s NOT what the “experts” may teach.

But if I let my writing consume me—what would my family eat? Who would school my children? Or taxi and cheer lead for them while they play soccer and football?

I’m 100% sure my out-of-clean-underwear husband would be served tough loving LEFTOVERS from a grumpy, grouchy wife.

I’m equally as confident my “readers” wouldn’t be inspired by my theme: iAm a Valuable Woman.

So yes, while this approach (and my life) isn’t perfect . . .

I’m keeping it real.

iNeed God. Do you?

A woman who levels her value right will better her “world.”

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