Healthy Snack Buffet: Even a Pirate’s Delight

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Healthy-SnacksWe had a host of cousins come to our home one Saturday. After playing/watching four soccer games, they were hungry! Hmmm . . . how to feed these kiddos, so they won’t come begging for food every five minutes during their play day . . .Healthy Snack Buffet

I made a buffet tray of food that even satisfied a pirate. Delight!


What’s in the bowls and on the tray?

Homemade Tuna (tuna, sweet relish, boiled eggs, mayo, chopped apple)

Black Olives

Cream cheese topped w/ Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce served with Gluten Free crackers

Mixed Nuts

Sliced carrots

Sliced red bell pepper

Sliced apples

The food rules that ruled:

1) Take what you touch.

2) Eat what you put on your plate. You can come back for more. Don’t waste food.

In 20/20 Hindsight: This snack served its purpose. While the kids came into my kitchen several times, the purpose of their visit was to tell me a story or to show me their costumes, not to beg for more food. In fact, this hearty and healthy buffet–delightful enough for even a pirate–afforded me a few hours of writing time. I’ll take it!

Shannon Cochran

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