Homage to Home: The First Place I Belonged

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A tribute to the people in whose hearts I first belonged . . .

My parents.

When only God perceived me.

When only God saw my heartbeat.

When only God rejoiced in each of my days that would be.

My mother’s heart leaped. For the very first time, she had conceived!

My father’s heart, too. He determined even then that he would do things differently.

Different from his own childhood experience. Different from his own father’s rearing.



The turning of a new tide.

This baby. This life pulsing within the mom-to-be.

Born nine months later—Shannon Lee—would belong to a loving family.

More grateful am I with passing time for the gift of a cycle broken.

These two truths I do not doubt!MLCJ-So-Big

My daddy loves me.

My daddy is proud of me.

Now, in truth, I shout this out:

Broken cycles can be healed when we resolve–in Christ–not to repeat history!

[Tweet, but don’t repeat bad history.]

A timeless cause worth rejoicing. The first place we belong—a family!

Isn’t it great? No matter your beginning, God can help you break a broken cycle. The Lord can empower you not to repeat an empty-way-handed-down history.

Believe. Ask. Seek. Knock. Receive.

In Jesus Christ alone, you can nurture family—the God-picked people He set in your uniquely special sphere. Press-in to God and He’ll help you cultivate a safe and loving place to take root.

Family–the first earthly place your baby should belong. Even as his heartbeat precedes his grand entry and amazing possibilities.

What about you? Share a comment. Where was the first place you feel you belonged? Do you realize the power of family? How lofty the calling of marriage and motherhood that you may nurture a person’s sense of belonging as early as a hidden heartbeat! What’s one action step you’ll ask God to help you take this week to remind the people in your sphere that they belong?

Shannon Cochran





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