Book Review: Louie & the Leaf Pile

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Louie Learns About prIde & Working as a Team

Hooked on Louie books after gifting Louie’s Big Day to my six-year old nephew, I gave my five-year old son Louie & the Leaf Pile for Christmas. Once again captivated by both the story and illustrations, just like the changing autumn leaves, we sensed a new confidence in Louie. Or was it pride? No longer afraid of mowing, Louie masterminded a detailed plan to single-motoredly be a HERO–that is until his plan blew up in his face.

My son loves Louie & the Leaf Pile, often rereading this story as his “go-to” book. I love it because Louie and his friends engage him in story while teaching timeless character lessons on humility and teamwork. This book helps us to look deeper into our heart motives and understand cause-and-effect. Even more, it offers a simple way to accept responsibility and admit our mistakes: “I was wrong – I’m sorry.” Best of all, Louie’s lessons from the leaf pile remind us to hold our friends closer and realize the grace and joy that come from working together as a TEAM!

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