How to Preserve a Husband

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????????????????????????????????????An oldie but goodie friend of mine passed this “recipe” to me when I was a newlywed. Google it and find several variations and maybe the original source?

I lack time for formalities, so here you go–a typed copy of the paper scrap I’ve stowed for pushing two decades.

How to Preserve a Husband

1. Select one not too young, but once chosen, give your entire thoughts to prepare him for domestic use.

2. Some wives keep them in a pickle; others are constantly getting them in hot water. This makes them sour, hard to get along with, and sometimes bitter.

3. Even poor varieties become sweet, tender, and good if garnished with patience–well sweetened with kisses.

4. Keep them warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion, a mantle of charity, and forgiveness (And serve with peaches and cream). Prepared this way they will last and taste good for many years.


I don’t know about you, but I like my husband sweet.

What do you think? Are you a hubby-sweet or hubby-sour kinda gal?

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