My Favorite Sour Cream Pancake Recipe

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Breads-and-BreakfastsSour Cream Pancakes: My Favorite Pancake Recipe

Source: Junior League Centennial Cookbook,

Home Cookin’, Wichita Falls, TX

Saturday morning breakfast made easy!

How do you do that?

Good question. Prep batter the night before.

Anything else I should know?

Well, here are a few notes:

  • Allow for many toppings! Fresh berries, chopped nuts, maple syrup, whipped cream, dark chocolate.
  • Double recipe for leftovers! Reap another blessing—double recipe equals 2+ breakfasts for my family.
  • Great for tent camping! Prep batter before you leave home. Cook pancakes at campsite on griddle over Coleman stove.


2 ½ C all-purpose flour

1 T baking powder

2 tsp. baking soda

1 T sugar

3 eggs

2 C buttermilk

1 C sour cream

2 T butter, melted

Directions to make:

1)      Preheat griddle over moderate heat. Melt butter in microwave.

2)      Whisk/mix eggs and sugar in large mixing bowl. Add sour cream and buttermilk. Batter will be lumpy.

3)      Combine dry ingredients in medium mixing bowl.

4)      Slowly incorporate dry mixture to the wet ingredients. Mix well. Add melted butter. Stir in.

5)      Bake pancakes on preheated griddle. Flip pancake when top is bubbly.

6)      Top as desired and serve.

Shannon’s Tips for this recipe:

  • Use a mixerHonestly? I dump wet then dry ingredients into Mr. Mixer. Only dirty one bowl. Then I turn ‘em on and he works for me. Simple!
  • Keep pancakes Hot! I like to heat my maple syrup in the microwave before serving—30 seconds-1-minute tops. Mama likes hot pancakes, too!
  • Go nuts. We top our pancakes with chopped nuts before flipping. Yum! #toastednuts #goldenpancakes
  • Time your meal—I prep ALL steps (including any sides) before I add pancakes to the griddle. #Mamawants2sit2
  • Standard toppings for my family—butter, pecans, maple syrup, fresh berries.
  • Special offerings—when my kids have friends stay overnight . . . #whippedcream&chocolatechips #Yes!

Shannon Cochran

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