Worth Far More than Rubies

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faviconDo you ever question your value?

Think again. God’s word shows why you are Worth Far More than Rubies.

Dedicated to my new friend whose worth in God’s sight questioned. You are worth far more than rubies, dear woman.

Earth’s foundations laid by Him,[1]

With care thought out how to build them.

With wisdom[2] earth was formed and filled;[3]

To God’s perfect plan, His Spirit yield.


Made by and for Him,[4] God’s glory see,

His creation declares His majesty.[5]

No tongue or language hears not His Word.

Everywhere God’s voice is heard.[6]


Light of day, night, water, and sky,[7]

Separation of water with land that’s dry.[8]

Vegetation, plants, trees and fruit;[9]

At His Word, living things take root.


Sun and moon govern day and night.[10]

Water teems with life; birds take flight.[11]

Land produces all living creatures.[12]

Saved BEST for LAST, has God’s own features![13]


In His image God made man,

To rule over animals, earth, and land.[14]

In nostrils of man, God breathed life.[15]

From rib of man, God created wife![16]


With pow’r and purpose suitable helper[17] created.

Worth far more than rubies, her value not debated.[18]

Blessed woman, wife, and mother to be;[19]

Highest calling to bear LIFE for Thee!


In her womb, gifts of God[20] she carries,

And upholds honor of man she marries.[21]

Loved with man’s life[22], radiant church[23] is she.

Unblemished, Word-washed,[24] purity see.[25]


Strength and Dignity mark her ways,[26]

Inner beauty of heart,[27] to God lift praise!

Profitable, marketable, not idle but gifted.[28]

Not fearing the future,[29] by Truth spirit lifted.


Fearfully and wonderfully, this woman was made.[30]

Knit together by God, in blessed womb’s shade.[31]

Upon believing in Him, Child of God![32]

Heir of LIFE,[33] my Jesus, applaud!


Not by mistake, but by His purpose created.

Worth far more than rubies, her value not debated!

Shannon Cochran

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