Chamomile and Cookies to Bless a Friend

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Tips-Tricks-and-GiftsIt is more blessed to give than to receive. Give yourself permission to offer a friend a sweet blessing today!

Try giving Chamomile & Cookies to Bless a Friend.Chamomile and Cookies

It makes my heart joyful happy to do a small kind deed in the throes of my domestic day. Showing kindness not only reflects the likeness of God, but also makes me feel like me! The new me, that God grows, changes, and perfects as I cling to Jesus who remakes me more and more like Him.

Chamomile & Cookies is one gesture of kindness God allowed me to show a friend of mine whose husband was out-of-town one evening.

What items did you need?

Good question. Very simply—cookies, tea, a bag, and twist tie.

As a staple, I keep assorted sizes and colors of cello bags handy. Lunch-sized, mini-loaf sized, bags suited perfectly for coffee beans. Some bags have snowflakes, hearts, balloons, or leaves. But clear bags are my favorite because they lend themselves to any season and treat. Add any color or style of ribbon if you feel like making it extra pretty, fancy.

Here’s the back story.

One evening after dinner, I baked my family some 5-minute cookies. My friend popped into my mind so I added ½ dozen extra cookies to the baking tray.

When the baked cookies cooled slightly, I bagged ‘em and added a few individual packages of Chamomile tea. Twist-tied my clear cello bag—no ribbon—then did a drive-by. Shared my simple Chamomile and Cookies treat with my home-alone-while-Daddy’s-traveling friend with two kids.

Quick hug. Package gave. “Can’t stay. Gotta get my kids to bed.”

My friend later texted me her thanks.

Yes, my friend appreciated the gift. But I’m positive, just as the Lord Jesus Himself said, “‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” (Acts 20:35). Giving Chamomile & Cookies to my friend blessed my heart more than her palate that day.

Has God placed on your heart or mind a friend to bless today?

Perhaps you can share with her Chamomile and Cookies!

Shannon Cochran

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