Perceive: The Old has Gone, the New has Come

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Know-and-GrowOnly by God’s grace a butterfly you will become! God’s Word is true and it affects change. Whole-hearted trust in Jesus alone and the giving up ????????????????of one’s fleshly desires begets an abundant life here on earth. Inexpressible JOY fills the one who eagerly awaits Jesus’ return for His own!

Lord be greater, make me less.[1]

Let others see Your righteousness.

Help me point all men to You.[2]

Draw them by Your grace and truth.[3]


You are LIFE, the only WAY[4];

Reveal Yourself to us today.

Your holy Light exposes deeds wrong,[5]

But blood of forgiveness[6] invites new song!


The OLD has GONE the NEW has COME![7]

The Lord’s commands aren’t burdensome.[8]

You delight in obedience of heart;

To all who believe, You give fresh start!


Like scapegoat gone, in woods set free;[9]

By grace[10] of God, these chains released!

Sin not my Master[11], sin’s slave no more.

Unto my God, my soul restored!


Bitter tongues and jealous men curse;[12]

But unbelief’s consequence is much worse.[13]

Not subject to the judgment of man;[14]

I chart new course by God’s perfect plan.


Holy Spirit[15] of God, my heart fills,[16]

Word of God, my heart heals.[17]

Eyes are opened, and TRUTH I see.

Good Shepherd alone, He leads me.[18]


The ways of God not foolish anymore.[19]

I receive God’s riches because Christ became poor.[20]

Mind of Christ[21] I now possess.

Start to understand His righteousness.


Desire wells up to GO and TELL[22]

What God has done, with my soul it is well!

Depraved condition[23] of heart is cured.[24]

Eternal position my Jesus procured.[25]


Even me, the vilest sinner,

God’s grace covered me, His Kingdom I’ve entered.

Baby steps in New Life[26] I take;

Now always remember, God’s holiness at stake.[27]


Drink pure milk[28] of Truth, off to new start.

God’s Word is TRUE[29], affects change in my heart.[30]

Today I walk closer than yesterday;

I walk closer to Him with each passing day.


Praise God in heaven for saving my soul!

Only my God can make me WHOLE!

Rescued heart dancing, in truth feet secure;

Never before has my life been so PURE!


God’s holiness perfect, His Name I revere.

Eternal assurance mine[31], God draws me near.[32]

Not perfect but forgiven, keep eye on the prize;[33]

Fall forward not backward, truth not despise.


Gracious God! my soul exudes praise.

Glory, Oh Glory to the Ancient of Days!

You have set eternity in the hearts of men,[34]

When my sin was exposed, TRUTH led me to Him![35]


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Shannon Cochran

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